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L1 Fitness Coach

National Level Soft Tennis Player

Aslin is motivated by small wins that take his clients ahead. He is passionate about equitable fitness training in schools, and has trained athletes to reach the state and national levels in their sport.


L2 Fitness Coach
Crossfit Athlete

Darshana is a certified nutritionist with a healthy obsession for all things fitness! She coaches clients with great patience, and pushes them gently to meet their goals.


L1 Fitness Coach

Debo began pumping iron as a 20 year old, following in the footsteps of his father who was a weightlifter! He lives and breathes fitness and motivates his clients to push past their limits with every workout.


L1 Fitness Coach

Kiran is testament to the fact that strong people can be flexible too! His fun-loving personality, and love for animals, have made him a favourite among clients, and their pets alike!


L1 Fitness Coach

Sreenath believes that a healthy body is one that feels energized throughout the day. A strong believer in setting healthy goals, he coaches clients with calm and flexibility, keeping consistency in mind.


Head Coach
National-level Crossfit Champion

Joel leads our team of coaches and is the first person you speak with when joining CoolCoach. He learns about your fitness goals, current lifestyle and past injuries. He puts together a plan for your coach to deliver, monitors your performance, and tweaks your plan based on your progress.

Suraj Sudhakar

Founder & CEO

Suraj is obsessed with health, fitness and #HabitMuscle building! His mission is  to make fitness accessible to people across the country. At CoolCoach, Suraj leads on developing our services with the goal to address gaps in the fitness industry.